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Cool fun community where u kan talk about ne thing's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Cool fun community where u kan talk about ne thing

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[11 Mar 2005|11:59pm]

Ughhhh, you guys, i have the biggest problem EVER!!! I dont know what i did, but i deleted this community from my account, and so now no one runs it....ughhh. Okay, so what i have decided to do, is move everything over to hot_fucks_05.

All the people that have already applied and have gotten accepted, can just start posting in the other community. Ughhh. I dont know what i did guys, and im really sorry to mess everyone around like this, i just dont know what i did. K thanks everyone
<3 Ashleigh

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Hey guys, just fillin u in [11 Mar 2005|05:33pm]

Okay, so here is who's accepted and rejected as of now.


No one

<3 Your MODD Ashleigh
Hows it goin?

[11 Mar 2005|04:27pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

erg, ashleigh i still cant see the pictures, i can see my 2 accepted/rejected ones and a britney spears one. can you see them on your computer yet?

Hows it goin?

MODD hey [11 Mar 2005|03:42pm]

Hey guys, its Ashleigh....just to let you all know, i have a new username, and im gonna be posting with that from now on, i was just getting sick of my other journal, and the background, and well justr everything, so i decided to start again. LOL.

So, i wont be posting with this username ne more, and i will be using xokissesashxo.
So add me if you want.
Hows it goin?

[19 Dec 2004|06:42pm]

I'm confused about this group. Do you have to have certain opinions to be accepted? I don't understand exactly how that is fair..I mean, someone put a - just because I didn't know a lot about Keira Knightly. I didn't say I didn't like her, I just don't know a lot about her. But it seems everyone here has different reqirements people have to meet for them to accept them. What are you looking for? Because if you are looking for someone JUST like you, then I'm afraid you aren't going to be accepting many people...
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[05 Mar 2005|11:32pm]

[ mood | awake ]


Name: Naomi
Age: 14
Location: Reston, VA
Star sign: uh...taurus, i guess?
Place of birth: arlington, va

Things we should know about you. Just write something that will help us sway our opinion if we have to about you, example, tell us a funny joke, or something that happened to you in your life: well, i think that i have ADD because i can never concentrate in my classes. whenever people tell me stories i can never pay attention to what they are saying, and whenever my parents give me lectures i can only hear half of whatever they say to me. but i've never been diagnosed with it so i don't really have it. oh well. here are some cool patterns: |_|_|_|_|_| /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

Actor: mel gibson
Actress: julia styles
Band: uhh coldplay
Singer: billy joel
Colour: orange [love how you spelled it the british way]
Drink: virgin shirley temple
CD: good news for people who like bad news- modest mouse
Place when you need some time on your own: bedroom

MK or Ashley: i don't know the difference
Hilary or Lindsay: lindsay
Coke or Pepsi: coke
England or America: england
Bush or Kerry: kerry
Bush or Blair: neither
King or Queen: queen
Nails or no nail: nails
Preps or Punks: both
Skate or Surf: skate
Desktop or Laptop: desktop

Opinion on
George Bush: total idiot
War: there are other ways to solve things, without war.
Same sex marriage: let em do what they want
Abortion: same, let em do what they want
Premarital sex: eh, if it's with your boyfriend that you truly trust and know that it isn't going to last forever, then it's okay. but if you're severely attached to him then it's not good to have sex before marriage because you'll become very depressed when you break up and you'll be obsessive and feel like you can't live.
Hats: cute
Cell Phones: wow a great invention
keira knightly: she's okay
Orlando Bloom: he's PRETTY, but not exactly hot

Who is your role model? i have no role model
Whats your moms maiden name? nedimyer
Do you have any siblings? one sister who's 18
Whats the dorkiest thing you have ever done? added every date i could think of into my dab
What do you think of “Ash_pash_13”? WHAT A COOL KID
Promote us in at least one place, and include the link~
i don't know how
::Post at least 4 pictures of yourself:

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[03 Mar 2005|07:25pm]

ugh, i hate paris hilton and that other chick, they're such sluts!
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[13 Dec 2004|05:41pm]

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[01 Mar 2005|04:00pm]


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application [28 Feb 2005|07:17pm]


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